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At home miles and lifetimes away

Ten days in to the experience that is Ireland, this day was one of those days I hope to always remember.  A “perfect” day.  I’m sure it didn’t hurt that the bed I crawled out of felt as close to my bed at home so far, I woke up without pain (which hadn’t happened yet on this trip) and the hotels breakfast offerings to include quite a selection of gluten free options.  But the real magic occurred as we stepped out on yet another day of exploration, still wide eyed for the experience that is travel.

Our first stop was to Carrowmore Megalithic Cemetary, tombs circa 5000-3500B.C.  The stone circles and dolmens were scattered delicately across a square kilometre of space, full of gentle, greener than green rolling hills with a mountainous back drop.  In fact, upon the mountaintop I spot a very large cairn that seems to be aligned with the local tombs.  Many stones that, to a quick glance, look random are thoughtfully placed to align the entrance of the nearby tombs or the sun.  Patterns are there but so buried in history, no one really knows the method.  The unknown ritual and design leaves me with a knowingness that there was a significant purpose, one that I can only feel, not understand.

As a walk around the site I can feel the intention of deliberate placement of the stones.  I can feel the reverence and dedication to those who are buried there and the ritual surrounding.  I can sense the grief mixed with deep connection for ancestors.  Surprising the feeling of equality and sameness prevailed.  Although only one tomb was covered in a cairn, each site seemed to drop the sense of ego that so commonly permeates cemetaries.  The vibe was we are in this together, we are one, each of us is equally important, we are here, together.  I was surprised to feel the lack of “look at how important I am” and “see how big my cairn is?”

There was one dolmen that was covered in a bunch of stones to make a large cairn.  Excavations revealed the dolmen underneath the many many stones piled upon it. The entrance was facing east-south-east to face the rising sun at the end and start of winter.  Scientists determined the human and animal remains date 3500 B.C.

My pace naturally slowed as I entered this particular space.  I could feel respect and familiarity course through my body.  I sat down on a rock near the dolmen, exquisite restoration gave me a chance to sit right next to it, with the sides of the cairn rising up towards the heavens alongside of me.  My heart felt heavy and tears filled the corners of my eyes.  I could feel a familiar feeling of energy ball up behind my heart space.  The same sensation that I have felt in a deep meditation right before I leave my body to enter that expansive space of the absolute.  It was as if my soul was at home.  I reveled at the feelings that arose in this simple moment.  How close to this space I actually felt. I felt at home in this 5000 plus year old tomb.  At home more than any other place on the planet.

Curiosity flooded my body, alongside the sadness and familiarity, to a crescendo that left me breathless and in awe. I sauntered out of the tomb and took a wide look around me.  The wide open countryside felt like a gift from God and will forever make an impression as I continued onward.  Continuing the step-by-step journey to uncover all facets that are me and that are the truest parts of us all.

The day went on…full of unexpected delights, but for now I’ll end with this story as it feels worthy of pause and expansive space.