Where is the love?

I started this writing with the intention that I am surrounded by people who love me and care for me.  This story emerged.

She sighs…wondering what’s next.  She sees a ray of light burst through the clouds, sending shimmery glow to the earth.  It’s radiant, divine.  A message.  Purity.  Truth.  Direction.  It lands on her chest as she melts into the soil, becoming one.  The heat beats onto her face and penetrates into her body.  She closes her eyes and savors.  What else is there but now?   How beautiful and at home she is.  The rays of the heart start to emanate, also sparkly and directed, far reaching across space and time.  Melding with the earth, the grass, the trees. Reaching far away seas.  

A boy is stopped, in his tracks, as though he was just pinched.  He is jolted by this light but is unaware of what just hit him.  He was walking to the market, but now he just stops and smiles and wonders.  Someone has blessed him with love and is looking out for him.  Someone in a far away land has his back.  His spine straightens, his load becomes lighter, he clears his throat and lets out a hum that transforms into song.  The voice comes from so deep within him that it vibrates his whole.  People around him at the market stop in awe, looking around for the source of the sound.  An old women, hunched over with age and the weight of the world, lifts her gaze.  She begins to cry.  Farther than seems possible the birds chime in with their harmony.  The boy walks over to the woman and gently rests his hand on her shoulder.  She grins a crooked grin and poof, they evaporate into flecks of shimmering light, radiating into the cosmos.  

And life goes on.  

A little girl walks along the path and comes upon a tree.  She sits and remembers.  Her sadness, her hurt, her loves, her dreams.  A chipmunk eyes her, perched on a rock afar.  She sees him too.  The creature takes a few steps closer.   She close her eyes and feels her heart melt.  When she opens her eyes again, the creature is right by her side.  She smiles so genuine of a smile that it melts down her body and into her heart and begins to radiate outward again.

And so it goes, the stew of connection and universal love.  Weaving in and out, up and down, and all around us.


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