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"Find the root cause of your pain... it all starts from the hip"
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about my practice

Christine Koth, MPT
Holistic physical therapist

ho·lis·tic (1) understanding how the parts are intimately interconnected and work only in relation to the whole, (2) treatment of the whole person, which includes mental and emotional aspects rather than just the physical symptoms of a condition.



I think Christine created the human body because somehow she knows exactly what to do.  One touch from her is worth years of treatment elsewhere.



My surgeon’s recommendation was, of course, surgery for my hip labrum. But Christine was able to identify the real source of the pain and remedy it without surgery.
Her command of the hip joint and hip instability helped me recover and kept me from having a surgery with unsure outcomes.


meditation teacher


Christine has an extraordinary ability to analyze the problem.  Her deep experience, together with her diagnostic intuition are extremely valuable, frequently sparing me the expense of costly tests. She is always good-natured and upbeat.  That cheerful optimism, though, bellies a toughness that I have come to appreciate. No matter how chronic or resistant to treatment the problem may be, Christine never gives up and never, ever just puts in the time. This is very unlike the hospital and big clinic physical therapists I have seen over the years.




Christine’s understanding of the practice of yoga has helped me understand how to not only recover from my injury, but return to my practice in a way that will keep me safe and practicing for many years. I have been doing yoga for over 10 years and have been to countless yoga workshops and have never learned as much as I did in just a few sessions with Christine. I was thinking I was going to have to give up yoga and now I’m empowered and back on the mat!


meditation teacher
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