Reverence for the Wise Women

As often is the case, the holidays is an opportunity to connect with our elders.  Those that we may not see very often but have lived a good hearty percentage of their lives and have stories and wisdom to share.  The feminine version of this is the archetype of the wise woman.  We all have a part of us that is the wise women for sure.  Some of us, regardless of our age or gender, embody those characteristics more than others.  As we approach the time of reflection and family, my charge to you is to look for those elder figures in your life and find ways to offer reverence and appreciation.  Notice for yourself what those people offer to your life and your evolution.  Notice what that archetype has offered you at different phases of your life.  As we all dance amongst each other, notice when the wise women shows up and in what forms.

Pondering the wise women, I started to list those, alive or passed on, that are the wise women in my life.  Holding them in my heart, these words poured out.


I Listen, Wise Women

My crones, the wise women in my life, I sing to you my praises.

So wise, stable in your stance even when feeble in your walk.

I see that twinkle in your eye that tells me you know.  I see you.

Your beauty comes through your stories, your wrinkles speak truth, your gray shimmers as if your inner light can no longer be contained.

So much I will not know of you but each encounter leaves me with a sense of being more complete and at the same time curious about what you will next reveal to me.

You give without expectation from the well so deeply scarred with joy and pain, these things etched into your bones like worn wooden floor boards of a farmhouse that has met the footprints of many visitors, family, animals and your very own millions of passes.

I cherish your hug that is so soft and tender, like an ancient stone that has been worn smooth by the rain, wind and waves.  So much has touched you over time that your smoothness, like that stone, begs to be touched again.  I reach for that texture without knowing why.

My reverence for you with all of your perspective and authenticity (you are so real) is as vast as it is deep, like a Nebraskan vista that seemingly goes on for eternity.

Know how important you are to me and to all those around you.  I bow to you. I am so honored to cross your path.  I feel like I blossom into my own each time your words, presence, smile land into my embrace.  I feel you.

I offer encouragement to you.  Continue to speak your truth.  I need you.  I am listening.

Abundant thanks to you, wise woman.


My hope for you is to rekindle an appreciation for those wise ones you may encounter this holiday season.  May you greet them with kindness, love and reverence.  And for those who are embodying aspects of the wise women within, do not underestimate the value you serve to those around you.  Much love to you and the wise women within us all.


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