What's the difference between Class IV Therapeutic Laser and cold laser?

Hello, this is Christine Koch Holistic Physical Therapist. I'm here to answer the question what's the difference between a Class IV therapeutic laser and a cold laser? Lasers are graded based on how much power can come out of the laser per second. Cold lasers are 0.5 watts or below in the amount of intensity per second that they are admitting. Whereas a class four therapeutic laser is above 0.5 and it can be up to 15. This type of laser that we have in our office. Comparing the benefits of a cold laser to a Class IV therapeutic laser you're getting 30 times the amount of energy per second. What that translates into is speeding up of the healing process. It gives more energy more heat and it really facilitates that healing. It’s so much faster -- 30 times faster than you would get with a cold laser. It’s warm which is different than a cold laser. The warmth can really facilitate increasing blood supply which a cold laser does not. That's an important difference as well. Because it's so powerful you know you need to be delivered by a skilled practitioner to make sure that the right amount of heat is getting into the body for the right amount of time with no excess heat. So if you're interested in learning more about the class for therapeutic laser or scheduling an appointment you can go to my website www.ChristineKoth.com Thank you.
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