What's the difference between Class IV Therapeutic Laser and ultrasound?

Hi there this is Christine Koth, Holistic Physical Therapist. I'm here to talk about the difference between Class IV therapeutic laser and ultrasound. I had learned ultrasound heed the use of ultrasound when I was in physical therapy school 18 years ago. Ultrasound uses a wave form to create a vibration through the body which also creates some heat and also is therapeutic on a cellular level. Ultrasound can penetrate up to 2 inches deep and it was a tool that I've used for many years. I had an ultrasound machine in my office. I did end up purchasing a Class IV therapeutic laser. After purchasing the laser, I ended up not using the ultrasound. The laser I found to be more effective. I took less sessions to get the desired results. The laser can penetrate up to six inches deep, It was getting at all these tissues that were really difficult to get you with the ultrasound. Laser is also cleaner as there's no ultrasound gel needed. There’s only the wand and it and it feels much much more of a deep heat. The patient seemed to like it a lot more. I ended up selling my ultrasound machine. I don't use ultrasound anymore not because it's not a useful tool, it's just that the laser is so much more effective. If you're interested in learning more or if you'd like to schedule an appointment you can do that at www.ChristineKoth.com
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