What kind of conditions can be addressed with Frequency Specific Microcurrent?

Hi there! I'm Christine Koth, Holistic Physical Therapist. I'm here to share with you some information about the kinds of conditions that can be addressed with frequency specific microcurrent (or FSM). Treatment can be used for a wide variety of conditions. In fact, I've worked alongside different naturopathic doctors, physicians and chiropractors using this tool for conditions that are systemic. For example, issues going on with the liver, kidney and the nervous system. There's a wide range. We have many many different frequencies. I have cheat sheets that show different conditions and frequencies for different parts of the body that can be addressed. It’s a treatment that can be very customized to what's going on with you. When you're dealing with issues that are complex that involve different systems. For example, the adrenal system and digestive system coupled with the musculoskeletal system that this type of treatment can address those different aspects. I really enjoy layering these varying issues as a holistic physical therapist. My goal is to figure out the, “WHY?” I want to get it to all the pieces of the puzzle that are contributing to the problem. Sometimes it involves addressing multiple systems or just kind of run-of-the-mill injuries. If you injure a tendon or ligament there are frequencies specific for the joint capsule, ligament, tendon, fascia, nerve, spinal cord, discs, different parts of the disc, set joins in the spine and the list goes on and on… So if you have any questions about whether or not you know frequency specific microcurrent would work for you and your particular condition, feel free to reach out for consultation. I'd be able to sit down with you and find out more about what's going on and determine whether or not something that we can help with? So you can reach out to us through www.ChristineKoth.com. You can schedule an appointment online or you can send us an email through that portal. Thank you!
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