What is infared light?

Hi there this is Christine Koth, Holistic Physical Therapist. I'm here to talk to you about what infrared light. Class IV therapeutic lasers is one of the tools that I use in my sessions. It uses infrared light infrared light. It is one of the wavelengths of the spectrum of light that the Sun emits. So when we go out into nature and we're in the Sun we feel that really deep penetrating warmth. Maybe we're on the beach and it feels so good because the Sun really heats you from the inside out. So what you're feeling is actually infrared light. The infrared light is the light that creates that effect of deep deep heat. Infrared light is on the spectrum so it's not something you see with the eye. You can't see it like the color colors of the rainbow but it is something that is all around us. We are getting it from the Sun. Years ago they used to place people in the hospital out on the rooftop because they knew there was something therapeutic about the Sun. They didn't know really what it was but they knew that the Sun was therapeutic in helping people heal. It was later that they figured out that it was the infrared light. We stopped doing that because the UV rays are dangerous in terms of skin cancer and overexposure to UV. This is not something that is necessarily recommended anymore. Class IV therapeutic laser is just isolating the infrared wavelength of light at 980 980 nanometers to deliver the therapeutic effects of the Sun. The difference between UV and infrared light is what actually creates our body’s immune system to release those macrophage cells which help to facilitate healing. Infrared light is deep heat sensation that we can vary with the Class IV therapeutic laser. If you're interested in learning more or are you're interested in setting an appointment, you can reach me at www.ChristineKoth.com. Thank you.
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