What is a Class IV Laser?

Hi there, this is Christine Koth, Holistic Physical Therapist. I'm here to answer the question what is a Class IV therapeutic laser? A Class IV therapeutic laser is a type of laser that delivers infrared light deep into the body. i\It can penetrate up to six inches deep. It can get really deep into the joint surface and cartilage meniscus discs. It can really go deep into some of the deep muscles of our Body. Deep penetration is really useful because when you heat something on the surface (like with a hot pad or even ultrasound) you're only getting an inch or two deep. A lot of the structures that need the therapeutic benefit of heat are actually much deeper in our body. The other thing about a Class IV therapeutic laser is it delivers this heat and this infrared light which helps our body to release macrophage cells. Macrophages are the part of our immune system that clean up broken tissue and help to repair tissue. This makes a Class IV therapeutic laser very useful for helping to speed up the healing process. It’s really useful for helping to release tension and really tight muscles. Muscles that have been tight and taut for a long time. So if you're interested in trying out the Class IV therapeutic laser you can look on my website www.ChristineKoth.com. You can schedule from there -- we have two types of appointments. we have laser only and appointments with physical therapy that could include laser. You can check that out and feel free to reach out to me with any questions.
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