How training your brain can heal yourself

Hi there, I'm Christine Koth, Holistic Physical Therapist. I wanted to talk about, “ How you can train your brain to actually heal.” When you have an injury or trauma, as I have mentioned in previous videos, your brain processes all of the information around what has happened. During that time you were under varying stresses from your family and work. At work was there any kind of trauma associated when you actually injured yourself? All of that information is in your brain. Your brain is perceiving whether or not it's in a threatening situation? If it is in a threatening situation then it will send the signal that there's pain. The more that we can get ourselves into a more of a relaxed non-threatening environment we will, in essence, decrease our brain’s need to tell us that it's threatened. There are many methodologies to reduce stress. This is part of what I do being a holistic physical therapist. I look at what is going on with your lifestyle that might be contributing to your pain. If your recovery is slow there are certain techniques that can be taught like breathing techniques. There is meditation practice. Even relaxation self-care tools like taking a nice warm epsom salt bath with essential oils while listening to soft music. Oftentimes it's useful using items such as hemp oil to support the nervous system. It's actually a really important aspect of recovery. If we're constantly in fight or flight or constantly feeling like we're under threat, the body is going to be sending signals of pain and of dysfunction to our brain. This doesn't show up only as pain. It may show up as a No Reactive immune system or an autoimmune condition or something else. In essence, if we can address our stress we are on the road to recovery. We're actually changing the way that our brain is wired and that's a really important piece that doesn't always get a dressed in traditional rehabilitation. I'm really grateful to have the knowledge and the skill set with my background in yoga and meditation. All the neuroscience education that I've been through to really understand that component. If you'd like to reach out and connect I would love to hear from you. You can reach out at Schedule an appointment online. I'd love to support you through your healing process.
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