Can you feel the current of Frequency Specific Microcurrent?

Hi, there this is Christine Koth, Holistic Physical Therapist. I'm answering the question, “Can you feel the current with frequency specific Microcurrent?” Microcurrent micro means small. Current means electricity. This kind of current also has is small-amplitude current. The body does not perceive it. It's not like tens or a neuromuscular stem where you feel a buzzing where it contracts your muscle. With this tool, you may feel an electric kind of sensation. That's not what you get with frequency specific microcurrent. It’s actually below your sensory threshold. You don't feel it. With some people who are very sensitive, you may feel a slight kind of a humming sensation. This is rare and it happens only occasionally. It's not uncomfortable one bit when we deliver the microcurrent. We put these electrodes in wet towels oftentimes and place them on the Body. Often times, the only thing that you really feel is just the wetness of the towel. Treatment is being delivered and it a very comfortable treatment. It's benign and gentle and doesn't cause a lot of irritation. If you'd like more information about frequency specific microcurrent you can check out our website at . Thank you.
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