Are there any side effects of Frequency Specific Microcurrent?

Hi there, this is Christine Koch Holistic Physical Therapist. I'm answering the question, “ Are there any side effects with frequency specific microcurrent?” Frequency specific microcurrent is a very gentle treatment as I mentioned in earlier videos. There's not very much that you feel when you're getting the treatment which makes it really relaxing calming and often times people will feel very relaxed during the treatment. That's actually a sign that we're hitting the right frequencies when people kind of feel relaxed. Their bodies soften something we look for the treatment itself because it increases the energy production of your cells 500 times their normal rate. It also decreases inflammation in your body. Often times, there can be shifts that are happening in the body. People may feel after a session, a little bit more relaxed or tired. They may want to take a nap. That's just the body's way of processing the information. As I mentioned, there's an increased energy production in the cells. Because of that sometimes the body is working harder and can cause a little bit of a mild detoxification process. So There maybe a mild kind of headache or a little bit of soreness in the body. It's very transient and it's part of the healing process. It will go away and if that's something you do experience or we find out how your body tends to experience these events. We can do the microcurrent in a way to prevent that from happening and to support your body through that process. Overall, you know the only caution that we have with using microcurrent is around pregnancy. Just because we want to be super cautious with anything related to pregnancy. Otherwise it's very safe you don't really feel much. It's not going to be irritating and there's very little side effects. I hope this helps. If you'd like in more information, you can reach out at and look forward to seeing you!
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