The Effect of the Iliacus on Digestion and Pelvic Health with Christine Koth

Christine was recently featured as a guest on the "Dr. Bri Talks Lady Bits" podcast, discussing the effect that the iliacus muscle has on digestion and pelvic health. See below for the show notes as well as links to where you can listen in, learn more, and even get your own Hip Hook to release tightness in this very important muscle.

Show Notes:

In this interview with Christine Koth, MPT, you'll learn all about the iliopsoas muscle group, and in particular, the iliacus muscle... A small muscle that has a BIG IMPACT on digestion and pelvic health. Christine Koth is the author of "Tight Hip, Twisted Core." Discover how to identify and release the iliacus for less pain and better health!


Click here for the podcast link on Dr. Bri's website!


Click here to watch the podcast on Dr. Bri's YouTube channel!


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