Tense Mind, Tense Hips

Christine recently sat down with Dr. Karen Kan, M.D. for an interview on Light Warrior Radio.

Show Notes:

In a world full of too much sitting, too much stress, too much of just about anything, we are all faced with a multitude of reasons to develop tension in our core. At the deepest layer, our hip flexor muscles take the brunt and we develop long-standing tightness that not only affects the hips, back, and rest of the body, but also affects the mind. Today we will talk with Christine Koth, a Holistic Physical Therapist and the creator of the Hip Hook.

As a practitioner for over decades, author, and inventor, she is thrilled to share her passion for resolving muscle tension for good and why that is so important. Her business, Aletha Health, provides tools that take a different angle on pain. Her innovative inventions and philosophy is helping thousands recover from chronic pain, all over the world.

In this show, we will discover:

  1. How muscle tension relates to the mind
  2. The best method for relieving muscle tension
  3. Why the hips and neck are the most common locations of muscle tension
  4. Why releasing this tension is essential to your physical

Listen to the Show:

Listen to the interview here.

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