Suzanne Falter Podcast with Christine - Releasing Tight Hips and Why That Matters -

Christine was recently interviewed by Suzanne Falter on her podcast. Self Care for Extremely Busy Women about the issues and symptoms of a tight iliacus muscle! 

Suzanne’s Show Notes 

Today we’re also exploring what it takes to release the tight hips we get from sitting all the time. I had a wonderful interview with Christine Koth, author of Tight Hip, Twisted Core and inventor of the Hip Hook. When I first heard the title of this book, I knew I wanted it immediately … and yes, by gradually releasing that tricky iliacus muscle … I am pain-free today!

I learned:

  • Symptoms of a stressed iliacus muscle
  • Problems that cause inflammation and tightness
  • Different ways to release this tightness
  • Why we can’t directly release the iliacus muscle
  • The average length of recovery when working with this issue

I highly recommend Christine’s work with this. And I really hope you find this show helpful… and may you have healthy hips once more!

Podcast Link on Suzanne's Website!

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Want to free yourself from the pain caused by a tight iliacus? Get the Hip Hook!