The Back Pain Liberation Podcast - Iliacus Dysfunction and Pain (Part 1 of 3)

Christine recently was featured on The Back Pain Liberation Podcast with Iain Barker discussing iliacus dysfunction and how it relates to pain.

Show Notes:

In today’s epsiode, we’re talking about the iliacus, the lesser known relation of the psoas. Together these 2 muscles make up an important hip flexor composite muscle known as the iliopsoas.

Tight hip flexors, particularly a tight psoas, are often considered responsible for back pain.

In her 20+ years of hands-on experience, Christine found that the illiacus was also a common source of dysfunction and pain. It just didn’t receive anything like the same attention as it’s big brother the psoas.

In this episode, you’ll learn how she developed release techniques specific to the iliacus that are central to her therapy practice.

And you’ll discover how Christine found ways for her clients to do these release techniques on themselves when she moved away to another state and wouldn’t be able to treat them any more.

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