A Tool to Help with Hip and Back Pain During Roadtrips

Summer is coming and many of us are beginning to plan some amazing road trips to get away and have some fun. But we all know of the least fun part about driving in the car for long hours at a time — it’s that pain and tightness we feel in our hips & lower back.

That’s where the Hip Hook comes into play, which was featured on ABC 33/40 News “Talk of Alabama” as a product to help address this issue. Check out the video here!

Designed by Christine Koth, a holistic physical therapist, the Hip Hook is a muscle release tool designed to address your hip flexor muscles, specifically your psoas and iliacus. These muscles often become super tight during long hours of sitting in the car, which can contribute to aches & pains developing in the lower back, hips, and knees.

Using the Hip Hook for just a few minutes per day may be all you need to help manage these aches & pains on your road trip so that you can truly enjoy the time away with your friends and family.