Tight Hip Twisted Core Launch EVENT

Did you know that yoga is one of the most common CAUSES of tightness in the hip flexor? Could your tight hip flexor the hidden cause of your pain? Do you know what to do to keep the hip flexors happy and prevent injury?

Join Christine Koth, MPT, the iliacus queen, as she unveils the role of the iliacus and psoas in the alignment of the entire body. Learn the 3 Simple Steps to untwist your core that she outlines in her bestselling book, Tight Hip, Twisted Core - The Key to Unresolved Pain. She will not only share her decades of wisdom she has gathered about this area of the body in relation to yoga, but she will offer personalized answers applicable to your practice. If you want to stay on your mat, you'll want to integrate these concepts into your life.

Included in the workshop price is your very own copy of her book ($25 value) and exclusive launch party discount on the pre-sale of the Hip Hook, the world's first tool designed specifically to release the iliacus muscle. Christine is also available for one-on-one evaluations and consultation that day, click here to book.