Stay in Your Flow and Avoid Yoga Injuries w/ Christine Koth (Mystic Journey Crystals)

Join us and cultivate a deeper understanding of how to care for your body in yoga so that you can stay in your flow. Whether you are a beginner, a seasoned yogi who is committed to your practice, or a teacher concerned about the well-being of your students, this workshop is for you. As we apply the ancient philosophy of yoga on our mat, we also need to apply modern understanding of our anatomy and how our body works.

As a physical therapist of 17 years who has practiced yoga for nearly that long, Christine Koth, MPT has not only treated countless yoga related injuries, but has also experienced and recovered from injuries of her own. She pulls from this deep experience to share her pearls of wisdom on how to practice in a way that keeps you in your yoga practice, not sidelined with injury. Her deep understanding of anatomy and the practice of yoga brings a unique perspective that she is thrilled to share.

ABOUT CHRISTINEMy Grandmother predictably offered unconditional love and support to others as they walked their path, found ways to make the world a little brighter each day, and sprinkled beauty everywhere she went. As I watch my path unfold, I realize that all of how she was in the world has influenced my values and direction in profound ways.I’m always looking for ways to be of service. For the last 15 years, I have used my physical therapy practice to offer my cultivated skills to guide people towards wellness daily. My love of projects and the creative process has led me in many social betterment directions over the years. I have started many physical therapy clinics, created a private school for children, developed an outdoor classroom at an elementary school and nurtured many integrated healthcare environments.

I’m always looking for ways to bring people together and create connections, through one-on-one interactions and formal groups. As one full of ideas and curious about the thoughts of others, I enjoy conversation, contemplation and collaboration. The best possible combination of these passions come together over simple things like a book club or a philosophical conversation over tea. My quest for wisdom and inner knowing brings me to my yoga mat and meditation practice daily.

As I continue to practice physical therapy and connect with my family in a heart centered way, I am drawn to hosting retreats and workshops that allow for further exploration into the beauty all around us and the vastness deep within us. I seek out ways to bring the community together in a way that makes us realize our sameness and connectedness. More recently, I have been drawn to the spiritual essence of the Goddess and Priestess. This has led me on a recent pilgrimage to Glastonbury and the surrounding sacred lands and I am currently immersed in a yearlong Urban Priestess training and apprenticeship.

I am inspired to continue to live out these roles with passion, joy and purpose, but also inspired to dig deeper into what really is beneath these labels. My curiosity about how the world works continues to evolve into a curiosity of what is really true. My hope is to explore authenticity and what it’s like to truly walk the walk in hopes that, by keeping it real, I might just inspire others to do the same.

3pm - 6pm