Ostara Spring Equinox Sister Circle

Sister circles have been used for many years by women to gather and join in a community of support while encouraging the individual members to be themselves fully. Community feeds our soul! We realize that we are not alone because there is a network of women who is the root bed that upholds us through life's challenges. Being part of a women's circle also helps us to reconnect to the cycles and rhythms of Nature, both around us and within us. With this knowledge and awareness we can navigate the joys and challenges of life more skillfully and authentically.

This circle we celebrate the Spring Equinox - the day that equals night. Traditionally it is celebrated as a day of equilibrium and calling in balance between the waxing light and the fertile darkness. Ostara is the festival of Spring with the Light gaining momentum and is symbolized with the Spring Maiden and her basket of eggs – fertility and rebirth.

My priestess sister, Christine Koth from Radiant Circle, and I will be co-facilitating this circle. In this circle we will offer a centering meditation, honoring of the elements and directions, ceremony and ritual, orientation, and lesson/transmission of the Equinox season. Other potential offerings include chanting, singing, drumming (bring hand drum if you have it), current astrology information, lighting candles, and journaling.

All of those in attendance will be able to participate to the degree they feel comfortable to.

The event location has been changed to Christine’s home because of inclement weather that day. Please join us at 921 DawnView Ct. Concord, CA 94521. Hopefully for our next Summer Solstice circle the weather will allow us to gather outside. 

Please bring a journal or paper, pen, clothing layers, chair or cushion that can go on the ground, and any personal items (crystals, pictures, etc.) that you would like to charge with the energy of the altar and gathering.

And don't forget to spread the word! This circle is open to anyone who identifies as female who'd like to attend. You can invite others or share this event.

Tickets are required for the event and is on a sliding scale of $10-$25. Please click on the link for tickets so we can plan supplies accordingly. Tickets are also available at the gathering.

Please click on the link above for tickets. We look forward to having you join us!