Evolutionary Adventuring for Couples in Tulum Mexico

February 19th – 24th, 2018

Do you long to share adventure with your partner?

Is time limited to tend to the growth and evolution of your relationship?

Do you and your partner share a love for nature’s beauty, sensual pleasure and cultural exploration?Do you thirst for more meaningful connection to deepen your intimacy?

If so, you do not want to miss this Evolutionary Adventure for Conscious Relationship.

Our thoughtfully crafted experience creatively supports the evolution of intimacy in partnership. Diving deep into natural landscapes, sacred sites and wisdom practices, we foster deepening of connection through pleasure, play and exploration.Exploring the nature of conscious relationship reflected in nature’s bountiful beauty and what lies at the heart of our connection with our partners, we evolve our understanding of one another and align with the soulful nature of our commitment in appreciation of each others’ contributions to our wellbeing.

This adventure impeccably blends:

• guided practices aligned with the rhythms of nature to profoundly enhance presence, wellbeing and insight into one another
• immersive excursions into natures wondrous bounty, facilitating deep connection through sharing sensually grounded presence to beauty
• sacred spaces where you will connect to your source of authenticity, inspiration and inner guidance and meet each other from that place• shared experiences of local cultures and their spiritual practices
• enriching ritual offerings to deepen conscious connection to each other

Give each other the gift of time together to connect, learn, explore and grow in ways that will serve your relationship, family and community.

Early Bird rate of $300 off per couple ends October 31st. Only 2 spots remain.For more information,