As a licensed Physical Therapist of 17+ years, I have developed a keen sense for how to zero in on the key aspects with heart and magic hands

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Evolutionary Adventuring

Do you have an insatiable sense of adventure? Are you committed to your own evolution, growth and empowerment? Do you thirst for more meaningful connection to yourself and other women?  Then you do not want to miss an Evolutionary Adventure.

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Radiant Circle

The circle is designed to facilitate deep and meaningful connection with other women in your community.

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Coaching & Consulting

Yoga and Wellness Business Consulting, Complex Medical Consulting, Intuition Life Coaching, and Holistic Physical Therapy.

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Holistic Physical Therapist

This is not your run-of-the-mill Physical Therapy.

  • One-on-one sessions directly with Christine. No moving between different therapists. Same therapist, every time.
  • Christine’s expert skill in zeroing in on the source of your pain and masterfully executing a plan to remedy that source
  • High-quality and unique hands-on treatment and holistic tools
  • Welcoming and relaxing private environment, no big gym and chaos
  • Limited enrollment allows for flexible scheduling and getting in quickly

Evolutionary Adventuring

In beautiful partnership with my dear friend Jessica, we have mindfully crafted adventures that will deepen your love for the world and deepen your evolution through the lens of the divine feminine.
Do you have an insatiable sense of adventure?
Are you committed to your own evolution, growth and empowerment?
Do you thirst for more meaningful connection to yourself and other women?

Then you do not want to miss an Evolutionary Adventure.

Radiant Circle

Join me in sisterhood in Walnut Creek’s very own Radiant Circle.
I’m really excited to continue to hold this very special women’s circle in my new community! This is something I facilitated in Wisconsin and I just LOVE bringing women together for meaningful conversation and growth.

Walking the Walk

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40th Birthday Gift to Self

On the day of my 40th birthday I was supposed to be at a hip physical therapy course, but in a way of being that I'm mindfully cultivating, I decided, spur of the moment, that there is another way that my birth day should be spent.  So I changed my plans. The day...
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Hips Too Open – The Story of a Yoga Injury

What if one day, all of a sudden, you couldn't practice yoga anymore?  What if the thing that you found to keep your body feeling well and your mind sound was unavailable to you, just like that? If it happened to me, it can happen to you. I was set up for...
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Reverence for the Wise Women

As often is the case, the holidays is an opportunity to connect with our elders.  Those that we may not see very often but have lived a good hearty percentage of their lives and have stories and wisdom to share.  The feminine version of this is the archetype of the...
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Why I do what I do

You can’t take care of others if you don’t take care of yourself. When I was in 6th grade, our classroom was visited by the local sheriff to talk to us about drugs, smoking and alcohol. I remember sitting with acute ears as the details dripped in between all the...
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At home miles and lifetimes away

Ten days in to the experience that is Ireland, this day was one of those days I hope to always remember.  A "perfect" day.  I'm sure it didn't hurt that the bed I crawled out of felt as close to my bed at home so far, I woke up without pain (which hadn't happened yet...
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Workshops & Events


After experiencing the abundant gifts from my first retreat experience, I knew that holding retreats on my own was part of my path.  It fits seamlessly into my love for bringing people together, facilitating the deepening of our life experiences, adventure and insight into the world around us and my leadership and teaching skills.  Come explore, experience and be enlightened with me.


Christine thrives in the role of teacher and is passionate about delivering workshops on yoga injury prevention and the role of the divine feminine in life and the workplace.  Her background in education gives her a natural talent in communicating concepts in a way that is accessible and interesting.


After starting many businesses and endeavors, I have learned an abundance of wisdom and techniques. I would love to share what I have learned along the way so  that your small wellness or yoga business can thrive, too.


As one who loves to bring people together, I have found myself creating groups over and over again.


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